Age: 29
Profession: Centerfold

Tested with an IQ over 150, Nadine went to college in the Dallas/Fort Worth area studying finance and business administration. With her beauty she won many pageants in her youth, and while in college she tried out for a cheerleading position with a professional football team. She paid for her college tuition with that job and found success with several pictorials as a cheerleader. Men all over the country fawned over her and fantasized about her which piqued her interest in seeing just how far she could explore this newfound fandom. Upon graduation from graduate school, she was approached by a men’s magazine to pose as their centerfold which she accepted. This pictorial vaulted her popularity with the male audience, and she continued in that career. She came to work for me, and has since then been instrumental in growing our empire. She spends most of her time behind the scenes helping run the business and oversee the financials, but lately has entertained the desire to return in front of the camera. Watching the other girls has only heightened that desire, and during the XXX Mas set decided to try her first hardcore pictorial which she found greatly arousing and now seeks to do more. Nadine was the first beauty in my company and soon will be doing more sets for our business. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

Wedding Night

Hot Secretary Desires

Secretary Chick


  1. I would like to see her first hardcore pictorial or XXX mas set.

    1. If you like Nadine so much ... please be so kind and write a small script with all details you would like me to render. Send it by email, please. I will look and revertasap to you.

      Btw .... Nadine is an old Victoria 4 beased character ... so the quality of my arts cannot be the same as in my latest arts ... but perhaps that isn't a problem for you

  2. Thank you so much for upload. Both sets are great.