Emma Leigh

Age: 19
Occupation: Intern/Student UCLA
Residence: Los Angeles, CA, USA

This southern California beauty caught my attention when I saw her interviewing for an internship with Georgina.  A sophomore at UCLA majoring in international business, she was seeking a chance to study under my tutelage. I was immediately captivated not only with her fresh appearance and small but very athletic body, but with her bright smile and enthusiastic personality. I stole the chance to join in the interview and learned that not only was she on the dean’s list every semester at the university, but was also an avid surfer.  I hired her that day and for the past couple of months spent a lot of time with her. I learned that it was no mere circumstance that she sought an internship with my company. During a lunch break a few weeks ago she revealed that she had been a fan of my company’s projects for several years and working for me was her biggest aspiration. She even mentioned that she had kept her virginity intact dreaming of the day that I would be her first partner sexually. That little bit of information shocked me since Emma loves to wear revealing clothing and by her mannerisms is very confident with her body and around men. I have to admit, I look forward to making her dream come true. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

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  1. emma is hot i like to see more of her maybe nonconsensual or just normal stuff i pay a commision for that if u want too