Age: 27
Nationality: Azerothian born in Stormwind, Eastern Kingdoms
Profession: Martial Arts Instructor, Fitness Model
Celeste was discovered by a mage of the Kirin Tor in a small farming village outside of Stormwind at the age of five.  Believed to be strong in the arcane arts, Celeste was taken to the city of Dalaran to study magic.  She studied as an apprentice mage until she was twenty-five years of age but with little success. While on an expedition in Northrend with her master mage, she was discovered by an alien with strange powers. Telling her she shared those powers and thus the reason she was unskilled as a mage, she accepted a new offer to train in this new “magic” and realized she had powers beyond her imagination. Her new training regimen changed not only her mental outlook but also required a lot of physical training turning her already desirable body into a perfect physical specimen.  While still an apprentice, Celeste was sent by her new training master to a remote region in Kalimdor in search of a lost and powerful relic from Azeroth’s magical past. Upon discovery of the relic, a strange occurrence took place that would forever change her life. The relic was something tied to the sands of space and time, and with her touch, Celeste was knocked unconscious for several hours. When she woke, the ruins that housed the relic appeared unchanged, and she reported back to her master with what she had found.
However, something happened that the woman on Azeroth never knew or would ever discover, but while she lie asleep, she was copied.  The copy of Celeste was hurled through space and time to reawaken on a strange world. This world was called Earth by its inhabitants, and oddly they were all human like she was. This version of Celeste found herself intrigued by the strange technologies and peoples, and soon discovered she loved this new world called Earth. Life seemed much less complicated than on Azeroth, at first, and she soon found a life with a steady job and lifestyle she never imagined.  Because of her physical training at the behest of her former master, her very fit body while common on her old world was rare on this new one. Her first career was as a trainer teaching people the martial arts she had learned on her old world. While people did not need such training for survival, most did so for the exercise.  One of her clients was a talent scout for a fitness periodical, and offered Celeste a chance to model some of the apparel they advertised.  She accepted the new job and found she loved being a model. Celeste had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart, and this opportunity allowed her the chance to show off her body which she was extremely proud of.
For six months Celeste reveled in her modeling career and loved her new lifestyle. Often the set would call for very revealing clothing, but Celeste accepted each contract with enthusiasm. It was during one of these shoots that she found herself very attracted to one of the photographer’s assistants, and during a break she joined the young man for a very intimate sexual interlude.  The photographer caught the couple during their interlude, but instead of interrupting them she grabbed a camera and began taking pictures. Celeste spotted the camera and understood what the woman was doing, but she found the act actually heightened her arousal.  The photographer was Georgina, and afterwards she approached Celeste with an offer to come work for me.  Celeste accepted without hesitation and has been present behind the camera on the set of every model’s work.  She loves the company of men and prefers to be on top, but any position which shows off her body just adds to her arousal.  She is often willing to try anything new having mentioned the dream to perform a scene with another woman and a man and even one with two men.  She is a welcome new member to my entourage of beauties. My name is…Mave Cosmic. 

Daniels Birthday Party

A Space Pirate’s Life

Her head was pounding. She brought her hand up to her forehead and began rubbing it trying to remember what happened. The last thing Celeste could remember was joining Cordo on a heist in the Caldera system. Although a rival gang of pirates patrolled that system, Cordo had learned of a treasure that lay hidden in an old abandoned colony. It had been deserted centuries ago when they believed the star would go nova, but they had been wrong. Over time the colony’s location had been lost, but Cordo loved to research tales like the one surrounding this place and was convinced that he could find it. Celeste had joined him and they indeed had found the old command base for the colony. The colonists had left in a hurry leaving everything behind…research data, old mining equipment, even a terraforming plant. The best part of the find, however, was the cache of rare ores that the colonists had dug up and left behind in their exodus.
The surprise was that the colony’s automated defense system was still active. Large robotic sentinels interrupted their loading of the various ores into crates to haul back to their ship. She had been separated from Cordo in their escape from the robots, and she remembered as she ran through one of the corridors and rounded a corner she ran into something, or someone, and then she was clubbed on the side of her head. She touched that spot now that was still tender and winced.
“I see you are finally awake, girl,” a gruff voice said to her left. Celeste opened her eyes and realized she was lying on her back. She sat up still holding her head and opened her eyes towards the sound of the voice. “The Captain will want to question you personally.”
She noticed the gun in his hand and pointed directly at her. Not certain of where she was, Celeste stood and held up her hands in surrender. “Where am I?” she asked.
“I’ll be the one that asks the questions, little girl,” the man replied. She spotted the keys to her cell on his belt. “You’re lucky to still be alive.”
“Why do you keep calling me girl? I’m thirty years old…hardly a little girl,” she retorted. He must be from the rival pirate gang judging by his attire. She pulled down the front of her outfit exposing her breasts. “Do these look like the tits of a girl to you?”
A sly grin crossed the man’s face. “No…in fact those look rather nice.” She reached down with her right hand reached down into her pants and touched her clit and released a soft moan. “You are very small, but definitely a grown woman from what I see,” he said as he motioned her towards hi with his finger. “Why don’t you come over here and let me have a closer look at that little body of yours.”
She sauntered to the bars and got down on her knees. The bulge in his pants was very obvious, and with that gun in his hand there was no way she could escape without a little seduction. She reached through the bars and unzipped his pants. “Let me do something a little more than let you have a look,” she teased as she pulled out his stiff cock.
Taking it in her tits, she pushed them together and started rubbing it. After a few moments he opened the cell door so she could lead him further into the cell. She took his monster into her mouth hoping to overload his senses long enough that she could grab the gun he kept pointing to her head, but eventually he sat back on the bunk and laid it down to the side. He actually tasted very good, so she finished him off before standing and wiping his cum from her mouth. Like most men, he fell asleep with a satisfied smile. She pulled her top back up and silently left the cell making sure to close the door behind her and tossing the keys he had absentmindedly left in it.
Free from her prison, now she had to escape the facility, whatever it was, and find out exactly where she was. She rounded one bend after another before running into another man who was apparently patrolling the corridors. She turned to run back where she came from, but he was quick and grabbed her from behind. Bad idea. Most men misjudged her because she was so petite, and with a swift elbow to the ribs, the man released her. Not giving him a chance to recover, she spun around in a roundhouse kick that connected squarely with his jaw and as he fell she brought her knee into his groin. The man collapsed onto the floor moaning and grabbing his crotch. She quickly jumped down on his chest and grabbed his neck while placing her thumbs expertly on the carotid arteries causing the man to lose consciousness. Not hesitating, Celeste leapt over his writhing body and bounded down the corridor to a junction that read A2 on the wall. She immediately knew where she was, deep in the control center of the colony.  
Their rivals must’ve arrived not long after she had with Cordo, and after the attack by the sentries they had captured her. Taking the left corridor, she ran to where she remembered they had docked their shuttle. A right turn, then a left, then another right, and she was at the last corridor to the hangar bay. A hundred meters left, and just from her right one of the damned robot sentries emerged from a branching corridor and caught her. Not again! She backed up with her hands raised and stopped when she bumped into the other sentry behind her. They quickly subdued her by grabbing her arms and legs. This capture was different than the last one, however, because they began to remove her clothes. What the fuck? She closed her eyes and she struggled, and when she opened them she saw two very large and erect mechanical cocks directly above her. Since when did robots have genitalia? She continued to try and free herself when the one holding her legs began to slide its member inside of her. Just as it was about to penetrate her, the one holding her arms suddenly released its grip. She was falling and reached up to keep from hitting her head on the floor when she heard the second shot ring out. Looking back at the other sentinel, she watched with satisfaction as its head exploded.  Celeste then turned back to see a man in armor approach holding a pistol in his outstretched right hand. He was wearing a helmet, but she recognized her rescuer immediately.
“Where the Hell have you been, Cordo?” she asked as she collected her clothes and began dressing.  “These assholes were going to rape me!”
The man lowered his firearm and turned to walk to the hangar bay. She fell in beside him wearing only her shirt. The rest of her clothing had been torn too much. “I could ask you the same question,” he replied through the vocabulator of his suit. “You can tell me what happened on the return trip to home. We have company coming to a little haste in our departure is necessary.”
Across the galaxy at that same time Celeste was escaping her prison, Galen walked along the corridors of the Widow’s Thigh. He was looking for Tifa, but after looking all through the ship decided to try that last place she normally would have been. He took the lift on the bridge that led to the small observation lounge directly above the comm array. Upon entering the room, sleek and mirrored black floors reflected the stars coming from the viewports on the opposite wall. Just in front of those large windows rested a black leather couch and lying on it in her white and black armor was Tifa. Her feet kicking in the air and head resting on her perched hands, she smiled to him as he entered the room.
“I am soooo bored, Galen. So entertain me…hmmmm? Where did you ever come up with the name for this ship?” she asked with a smile.
“Cordo and I found her in a scrap yard,” Galen grinned as he replied before stopping near the couch.
         She looked up at him before reaching up and pulling him down onto the couch. Rolling him to his back, she leaned close enough to kiss but teasing him as her eyes searched his. “So this ship is a hunk of junk? Odd name for a flying scrap heap.”
         “Maybe,” he said as he reached around her waist and began unclasping the white pieces of armor over her black bodysuit. “But we fixed her up and now she runs better than any freighter in the Imperial fleet.”
         Tifa gave him a peck on the lips before sitting up and removing the rest of the armor. “And the name? Where did that come from?”
         “Treat her well and like a Widow’s Thigh she will take you to the most valuable treasure in the galaxy.”
         Tifa stood up and started to unzip the top of her bodysuit. “So only a widow has the most valued treasure?” She looked over her shoulder to see him pulling his hardening cock from his trousers. She smiled as she unzipped her bodysuit the rest of the way to her naval. “I’m disappointed that I am not the most valuable treasure.”
         “Perhaps we thought that way before we met you and Celeste,” Galen answered. “But by the way that hugs your body in all the right places…”
         Tifa turned around and got down on her knees. “I much prefer the way you hug my body in all the right places…”
         Soon they were naked in each other’s arms and pleasuring each other. It had been close to an hour of one position after another, she had one orgasm after another, almost ready to release himself as he rode her from behind. She moaned to him, “Fuck me, Galen…fuck me…fuck me…” when suddenly there was a huge noise coming from belowdecks. “Fuck ME!” Tifa cried out.
         “I am,” he replied thrusting and grunting.
         “No…I mean someone else is here!”
         “Not possible,” said as he pulled out of her and stood up from the couch. “Cordo and Celeste aren’t supposed to be back for another week.” There was another loud bang, and then Tifa stood up beside him. “Something’s not right. The security alarms haven’t sounded and I know I set the protocols before coming up here.”
         “Quick, behind the couch,” Tifa said. She slid around behind it and Galen joined her. She peered over the top when the door across the room opened and in walked Celeste and Cordo. She leaned closer to her lover. “They’re back early,” she whispered. “Think they would be upset to find us like this?”
         They both watched as Celeste, wearing only a skimpy black shirt, lead Cordo onto the observation deck. The petite blonde climbed up on the bed opposite of the couch in the room. She slid off her top and then teased him on the bed while he undressed. She then turned away from him and invited him to enter her from behind.
         “That’s not fair!”Tifa whispered. “They’re starting without us!”
         “Isn’t that what we were doing?”Galen replied as Celeste moaned loudly from across the room. He then slid in behind Tifa and reentered her. The brunette leaned back into him taking him deeper inside her.
         “But they weren’t supposed…to be…oh my…”she moaned as they fucked while watching the other two. “Fuck me,” she moaned softly and then bit her lip while watching Cordo roll Celeste onto her back and lift her hips. “I want…mmmmh…I want…want…mmmmmmore…”
         Galen lifted Tifa up as he stood from behind the couch. She orgasmed as he held her and about at the same time as Celeste arched her back. She turned her head and kissed Galen as Cordo rolled over and brought Celeste back on top of him.
         “Let’s join them,” Tifa said with a smile as Galen lowered her and then they both walked across the room towards the bed. By now Cordo and Celeste had seen them, and with a smile and inviting wave the orgy had begun. The petite pirate always enjoyed the nights when the four of them were together…feeling both men inside her in any combination caused her arousal to spike and orgasms were intense. She also enjoyed watching them with Tifa who was just as excited to feel both men inside her as she was. The orgy was intense and the multiple orgasms even more so. By the time the four of them had finished, the trials of the botched mission to the colony and Celeste’s imprisonment had been forgotten. Just another day aboard the Widow’s Thigh and for her crew.

Fast & Furious Part 1 Celeste & Daniel

Happy Birthday, Daniel