Saturday, October 8, 2016

Actual Projects

Hello to all my friends, I hope you feel fine and everything is okay with you. Would like to give you all a lifesign from me. I'm really very busy in real life and don't have as much time as I would like to have for creating sets.

Would like to inform you on which projects I'm working on and you can leave your sugestions to them here, if you like. We can discuss matters then. I will asnaswer asap.

So here they are

Casey Reed
In collaboration with Redanta I got his beautiful Casey Reed. Have created some nic eelegant cloths and working on the right background for her and me. Have the new rock bar in mind.

In collaboration with Demiter3D and PerfectPrey4U I'm working on a new hardcore set with beautiful Stephy and me.

In collaboration with VernonTrier I got the okay for working with his very beutiful Kay. Have to find the right cloths, scene and ahot erotic story for Kay an me. I'm open for sugestions ...

Another new and beautifil model is Andrea from Daremo218 . Still planing a nice set with her but have to find the right idea.

Lands of KingsWorth Chapter 8
I'm also working on chapter 8 of our fantasy saga.

But would like to do also some new sets with my other beauties, like Emma, Robin, Kim, Celeste, Josie and so on. So please let me know, if you have any wishes .... Let your dreams come true ....


  1. Good news, Mave, and looks like a lot on your plate. You'll get them done and very well. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Daniel. It makes really so much fun working on a few projects. One evening I'm working on this and there on that. And my other beauties will return, too.