Age: 28
Nationality: Canadian
Profession: Pornstar
Sunny was discovered at an early age by a modelling agency in Montreal. By the age of fourteen she was modelling jeans and underwear for teens. While there was controversy over the amount of skin shown in her photoshoots, Sunny thrived on the attention she was getting. When she turned eighteen, she jumped at the chance to pose fully nude in a men’s magazine. She continued her erotic career until she turned twenty-five with numerous bikini shoots, fully nude sets, and several softcore movies.  Sunny desired to try a full hardcore scene in front of the camera, but she held back because she worried about the damage to her career if she pursued such a dream. One weekend while in the Bahamas, her boyfriend at the time convinced her to have sex in front of a camera in a home video. A year later and after their break-up he posted that video on the internet. At first she was appalled at the leaking of the sex video, but soon she was getting offers to perform more scenes and with larger opportunities. She decided to pursue these new offers and for the past two years had become one of the biggest stars in the industry. Sunny loves her work and her co-stars. During the previous year’s awards ceremony where she received the award for best scene, I approached her about a career change and the chance to perform more scenes like she desired. The offer was more than she could refuse, and now she works for me. My name is…Mave Cosmic. 

Sunny's Pleasure

On a pleasant Wednesday afternoon I drove along the California coast to meet Sunny at her vineyard. Just two weeks prior she bought enough shares to become majority owner and invited me to visit and see her latest investment. More than happy to oblige I caught a flight out of Berlin to New York, spent a day with Georgina, and then rented a car to travel across the US which was something I had always wanted to do but never had the time. All of my previous visits to the States were by plane and never really in a car for more distance than inside the particular city I was visiting. During the cruise from New York to California I kept in contact with Sunny via Bluetooth, and the more she talked about the vintage wines produced by her vineyard the more excited I grew to seeing her and her newest business venture. As I pulled into the driveway of the main building I was shocked to see just how vast a facility she now owned. I expected to see a modest building with several fields for growing the grapes, something California is known for, but imagine my surprise to see several thousand acres surrounding a building the size of an airline hanger. Sunny greeted me at the front entrance wearing a form fitting black minidress and high heels.
“I’m so happy you came,” she said as she ran over and embraced me. I returned her hug and gave her a polite kiss. “Ummm…good to see you too,” she said as our lips departed.
“I couldn’t resist,” I replied still holding her. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week. This is a beautiful country and the variety of landscapes is amazing, but the whole trip as I drove across the Midwest plains and then the Rockies and the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas all I could think about was seeing this place you’ve told me so much about. And what you said didn’t do it justice…this place is amazing.”
She smiled and grabbed my hand as she led me towards the front door of the building. “There are lovely places in this country, but I still prefer the Alps and love visiting the Riviera.”
“I think it’s the familiarity that makes all the difference,” I said as I followed her lead. I suppose for someone that has lived near the Rocky Mountains and seen them often, for someone like me seeing them for the first time…below thirty thousand feet…it was an awe inspiring experience.”
Sunny took me on a grand tour of the facility and enjoyed explaining how the grapes were harvested, fermented, and then made into wine. As we walked and talked I was enraptured by her knowledge of the business and the winemaking process.  And the smell was incredible, but I noticed that the entire facility appeared quite industrial and pristine and not at all like the more rustic environment I had imagined with wooden barrels lined on wooden racks. This thought persisted during the entire tour and especially near the end when we did finally come across the wooden barrels, but they were stacked on the ground and some loaded into trucks and hauled away.  When we returned to the entrance I couldn’t help myself and asked her about this.
“We actually have a place like you were expecting,” she answered with a coy grin, “just not in this location. The storage facility is some twenty miles from here where the conditions are much dryer. And not far from there is an actual log cabin we use for welcoming our buyers and sometimes throw tasting parties. It’s where we are going next.”
“I look forward to it,” I said as we walked to the car and I opened the passenger door for her.
“Mave?” she asked as I closed her door and walked around to the driver’s side.
“When do have to fly back to Germany?” she asked as I sat in the driver’s seat.
“I fly out of Los Angeles on Sunday,” I answered as I started the car and put it in reverse.
“Where did you plan on staying until then?”
“I thought I might get a room at the Hilton and tour the city,” I said.
“Well…I have the cabin all alone until next weekend,” she said as I pulled the car onto the highway. “You could stay there if you like? It’s quite comfortable and the view of the countryside is incredible. It’s a nice romantic getaway.” She reached over the center console and stroked my leg.     “What’s on your mind, Sunny?” I asked as I stole a glance to see her smiling seductively.       “Take the next exit and then turn right for about three miles. I’ll explain more once we get to the cabin.”                I followed her directions and once at the cabin I was pleasantly surprised to see a chateau type of building with ceramic tiled roof and wood siding like something out of a painting.      “My God, Sunny,” I said as we parked and I exited the car. “I was expecting a small quaint cabin like in one of those old American cowboy movies. This…this is more like a resort.”                “And we have it all to ourselves,” she replied as I opened her door. “Mave…I have a confession to make.”                “I’m all ears.”    “You know that wine makes me horny,” she said as she guided me into the cabin. Inside were several tables and bars made of oak with wine racks along the side wall and goblets arranged above. “I bought this company because they produce my favorite wines,” she continued. We walked towards the back and into a storage room where barrels were stashed just as I had imagined. In the back of that room was a wooden spiral staircase. At the base we stopped and she turned around to look up into my eyes. “I’ve always wanted to get you alone, Mave, and when I bought this place I knew it was the perfect locale for getting you alone and indulging in my fantasies. I hope you don’t think it’s too forward.”            “Sunny, I never knew you were interested in that kind of liaison with me,” I answered with a smile. “Standing here with you I cannot think anything more perfect than…” Before I could finish she reached up and grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me passionately. What happened next, and continued until two days after my flight, was magical.


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