Age: 23
Nationality: Italian
Profession: Lingerie Model

Samantha, who prefers to go by Sam, was discovered at an early age and started fashion modeling at sixteen. When she turned 19 and during her first year of University, she switched to modeling lingerie and undergarments. During her first year with a highly successful lingerie company, she modeled on runways all over the world including Paris, New York, Tokyo, and her hometown of Milan. She also appeared in the annual swimsuit edition of a popular sports periodical. Sam loves showing off in front of the camera, and along with her studies in modeling and finance at university, she took some classes in acting. However, despite all of the fame and fortune she had with her successful career, Sam felt something was missing. During one of her lingerie shoots she was paired with a male model. During the photography session she could feel her companion’s arousal and hard cock during the set, and this event triggered a desire that she kept privately never telling her coworkers and colleagues…what would be like to fuck on camera? Sam hid this desire for the next two years, but each time she had a photoshoot with a male model her desire grew. It was during one of those photo sessions on a beach location that she decided to act on that desire. As the surf washed over her and her partner, she found herself grinding on his stiff member through their clothing, but that action was enough to bring them both to climax. Until that photoshoot, Sam had never even entertained the idea of posing nude, but the sheer pleasure she experienced was enough to make her think of experiencing even more no matter what. Her perspective was go all the way or not at all, and she desired more and found the prospect of posing nude and even something sexual thrilling and exciting. Afterwards she reached out to a model friend, Venus, whom she knew had taken the kind of career path she now contemplated. After learning that Venus thoroughly enjoyed her knew career and explaining the new company she worked for, Sam decided to seek that exciting lifestyle she desired and sought me. My name is…Mave Cosmic. 

No Parking Allowed

Sexy Denim

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