Age: 27
Nationality: German
Profession: Model

Robin grew up in Hamburg in a fairly conservative family.  As a teenager she was tested and discovered to have a genius level I.Q, and at university she studied Business Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics because it was expected of her. Secretly, however, Robin dreamed of being a fashion model and actress, but she also loved her family and followed their wishes in her studies and career. After completing her third doctorate, she procured a position with an automobile company designing their newest sports sedan.  Unfortunately, that same year her family was killed in a tragic house fire leaving her as the only survivor. For the first few months after the accident she returned to her work as would have been expected of her, but one night while she was working late she came to the realization that life was short and despite all she had accomplished she was not happy with where she was or what she was doing. At that time two security guards entered the rooms near her office, and feeling emboldened by her new sense of purpose, she seduced both men. The experience was one that would change her life as she tendered her resignation the following morning and decided from that moment on to fulfill her childhood dream. Soon afterwards she landed a contract as a swimwear model which led to a role in a sci fi movie.  Living life to its fullest and daring to take chances she never would have before, Robin accepted many contracts as she worked to further her new career.
Robin now seeks a new direction in her career remembering her role in the sci fi movie and especially the erotic scenes she had with her co-stars. She accepted a role with Mayu in a film, and deciding she loved performing in front of the camera accepting more roles. Robin has found herself in a new career.  Now she works with me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

Poolside Challenge

I grabbed a fresh towel from the closet before leaving the cabana for a nice swim.  This was the second day of my holiday and I had decided to spend it at my mansion. The Olympic sized pool in the back was perfect for a few laps to keep myself in shape, and then I planned to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the summer sun on a perfect weather day. With the exception of Robin and Mayu, both of whom I noticed as I walked towards the pool must’ve entertained the same notion that I had for the afternoon, the mansion was empty as most of the other girls were away to their respective homes to visit family and loved ones.  Robin and Mayu were sitting at one of the tables near the edge of the pool and discussing something over drinks. Each wore a red bikini and appeared to have been swimming earlier because neither wore any make-up.  Once I was in earshot of their conversation they stopped and smiled at me which made me a little nervous.  They were plotting something, or I had done something, I wasn’t sure which, but their sudden silence continued as I walked over and placed my towel on the back of a vacant chair at the table. Those smiles…almost seductive…what were they planning?
“It’s a beautiful afternoon isn’t it, ladies?” I asked as I sat in the chair.
They looked at each other and then back at me with those same smiles before both answering, “So far it is.” Mayu brought her hand up to play with her hair in her fingers as she leaned back in her chair.  “Though we hope it will be even better soon,” Robin continued as she played with the top of her bikini.  “Indeed,” Mayu added. 
My gaze shifted from one to the other. What were they up to? They were being too sly…too obvious with their attempts of seduction. They wanted something, but what? “Have I…interrupted something?” I asked tentatively.
“We were only having a discussion…” Mayu started.
“An Argument,” Robin interrupted with a slight tilt of her head but still looking at me. In fact, both were giving me a stare down that I suddenly felt like I was in the middle of an interrogation.
“A…disagreement,” Mayu stated as she quit playing with her hair and mirrored Robin’s activity…playing with her bikini top. Why did both of them wear the kind that tie in the front? Their fingers kept inching closer and closer to the middle and teased at the loops holding their tops on.
“About…what?” I asked unsure now that I wanted to know the answer. 
“Who’s better,” Robin answered as she unlaced the top.
At the same time Mayu did the same. “And only you can determine which of us is…better.”
“Better at?” I asked. Both stood up and as they did the pulled the table away and dumped it into the pool. “Ladies?” They ignored me, however, and now topless walked up to each side. “What’s going on?” They stopped and kneeled down next to me as I leaned back in my chair. “Ladies?”
“Robin is under the delusion that she can ride a cock better than I can…which is simply ridiculous,” Mayu purred.
“And I know that I am better than she is,” Robin retorted. Suddenly I didn’t feel like I was in an interrogation, but about to have a lot of fun. My nervousness shifted to anticipation as each reached down and began rubbing me to erection. “We have been having this argument for several days now,” she continued.             
“So you see…with everyone else away…now is the time to finally resolve our little disagreement, and you are the only one who can decide who is better…me…”
“It’s me,” Robin purred as she started removing me swim trunks. “And I’ll prove it.”
I closed my eyes as they each began licking my shaft.  I was already hard, and after a minute of enjoying the movements of their tongues, I opened my eyes as Robin stood before me. She looked back and smiled as Mayu stroked my cock and guided it into Robin as she sat on me.  I reached out and placed my hands on her hips and she slowly moved up and down the full length of my shaft. Her pussy felt incredible as she moved faster and faster. I leaned my head back just feeling her body and listening to her moans as she rode me.  I don’t know how long it was before she leaned back into me. I opened my eyes and kissed her deeply. She moaned during our kiss as she orgasmed, and in the heat of her passion I came inside her.  She opened her eyes and smiled just as I felt Mayu’s hand turn my cheek to look at her.
“Now it’s my turn,” she purred.
I wasn’t sure I would be able to sustain myself as Robin stood up and Mayu took her place, but as she slid onto my cock, still hard and wet with Robin’s juices mixed with my cum, those doubts disappeared. Mayu’s grinding hips keep me hard as I leaned my head back again. Robin kissed Mayu as she started moving up and down on my shaft.  She moved faster and her guttural moans of pleasure intensified my feelings. She leaned back into me as Robin began kissing me. I felt Mayu’s vaginal muscles contract as she came, and again I gushed inside her as I had in Robin. I closed my eyes as they both got on their knees and licked my cock clean. “If this was their heated argument, then they should argue more often,” I thought to myself.  I looked back up when I no longer felt them taking me in their mouths.
“So…who is better?” Mayu asked.
“Tell her already…I am the better cock rider,” Robin said.
“Ladies…I must be honest,” I said. “I cannot determine which of you is better.”
“You must decide,” they both said together.
“Perhaps…perhaps I might be able to make a decision,” I began and smiled in my own wicked and seductive way. “But I must admit that only once is not enough to make a good and accurate assessment. I will need more…sessions…before I can reach a conclusion.”
They looked at each other and their smiles widened.  Once again together, they said, “Time for round two…”


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