Age: 29
Nationality: Mexican
Occupation: Centerfold and Actress

Riona grew up in Mexico City with a love of dance. She took her passion for Salsa dancing to almost obsessive levels performing in one competition after another and often winning. Her exceptionally fit body, beautifully expressive face, and passionate dance performances caught the attention of a television casting director who approached her about acting in a soap opera. Riona leapt at the chance and spent the next three years finding great success and a large male fanbase after posing nude for a men’s magazine.  But to further her acting career meant moving to the States, and she left for New York where soap operas in that country were made.  In that city she met Danielle and the two women became best friends.  They moved to Hollywood where most movies and television shows were made and there both women were cast in a cable network television show. That series aired for two years and often required the women to perform in erotic scenes. During one of these scenes, Riona’s co-star lapsed and entered her while filming. Initially Riona was shocked, but as she opened her eyes and saw the camera she experienced the most intense orgasm she ever had, and the thrill of sex in front of the camera led her to convince Danielle to join her with the same co-star in another scene two days later. Sex in front of a camera became an aphrodisiac for both women, and after the series ended they started work on creating their own show for another network. 
Riona shares everything with Danielle including men and work. While pitching their new television show, they came to my attention and now they work for me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

Small Lovely IX

Hypnotic Threeway


Red Rabbit

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