Age: 26
Nationality: Canadian
Profession: Model and Pornstar

Growing up in Montreal, Mayu was discovered by a local modeling agency as a teenager and began her modeling career at the age of sixteen.  Being a shy person at heart, she was reluctant at first, but once in front of the camera, Mayu found she loved being the center of attention. In college she studied business management to augment her budding modeling career. While on a swimwear shoot in Bali, a wardrobe malfunction led to her first nude photograph. Rather than being appalled at the accident, Mayu’s exhibitionist side was aroused and soon afterward she posed as a centerfold for several leading men’s magazines. She met Georgina while filming a softcore erotic movie as a condition of one of her contracts. The two women found themselves being kindred spirits and started a friendship that continues to this day. During the filming of this movie, her male co-star’s hard cock inadvertently slipped into Mayu’s pussy, but instead of halting the filming she lost herself in the moment and because of the thrill of fucking on camera began her career as a hardcore pornstar.  However, she discovered early that she wanted more control of her career than the porn industry allowed for her, and with Georgina started her own company writing, producing, and marketing their own films and photo spreads. They sought women and men just starting in the business and took them in allowing the stars more freedom in their choices of roles and on-screen partners.

The two women sought a lucrative business partner and now they work with me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

Sexy Denim

Queen of Pleasure

The queen sat in her throne as the attendant introduced another subject awaiting her judgment.  She found such duties as ruler of the kingdom tedious, but this day was special as she had something planned. Her mind wandered as the next three subjects came before her and pleaded their worries to her. None bothered to mention the attire she wore especially for this day. Her hair was long and flowing over her bare shoulders and her breasts. The top of her red dress gathered at the top behind her neck, crossed over her breasts, and ended at her waist and into full length dress bottom.  Her tanned skin, toned body, and firm breasts highlighted her body that was the perfect form in the minds of her male subjects. Doubtless many fantasized about bedding her, but many would never realize those desires. Today, however, she would indulge one man with pleasures he would never imagine.  After the next subject had left her throne room, she looked over to her attendant.
“How many more today?” she asked.
“Just the blacksmith is left, Your Highness,” the woman answered.
Mayu stood from her throne and began walking down the dais. “Have him escorted to my private chambers. I will meet with him there.” She stopped and smiled at the woman. “Tell the guards that after he has been brought to me I do not want to be disturbed until morning. Under no circumstance are they interrupt my…meditation.”
“They shall be told, Your Highness,” the woman repeated.
Mayu walked the halls towards her private chambers.  Guards lined the halls armed with spears and heavy armor. Their helms covered most of their faces, but from the corners of her eyes as she walked she could see them staring at her and could almost hear their lustful thoughts.  Finally at the other end of the castle she neared the door to her chambers. Upon opening them a gentle warm breeze caressed her face that came from the open balcony on the other side of the spacious room.  She walked in and closed the massive doors behind her. To the left along an ornately decorated wall with baroque stylings was a fireplace with a large bearskin rug before it. Several chairs and divans were aligned along the edges of the rug with a oaken table.  To the right of her as she walked towards the balcony was a large four posted bed with a sitting bench at the foot. Her left hand ran along the curve of her neck as she sauntered across the room towards the billowing curtains of the balcony.  Soon she would have to wed a king or prince from a neighboring kingdom, but it was something she didn't look forward to. Political marriages were seldom filled with love or romance and sex was only performed to produce an heir. If she could she would rule the land alone, but the nobles continued to pressure her day after day to answer one of her suitors despite that none appealed to her. However, for the security and the safety of the realm, Mayu knew soon she would have to submit. Already rumors permeated through the nobility of removing her from the throne, and that was something she would not allow. She stopped at the railing of the balcony and placed her hands on it as she gazed upon her domain. Her family had ruled these lands for over a thousand years, duty and honor demanded that she keep that tradition alive. Today was the first of what she hoped would be many that she could secure that.
The rap at the door brought a smile to her face. Yes, today would be the first and she would see just how virile the object of her desire was as she turned to see the blacksmith enter the room as the doors closed behind him. While only a peasant wearing simple tan breeches and shirt, he was strong and Mayu's chest tightened as her heart beat just a little faster. He stood with his head bowed, the blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, and his hands clasped before him. She walked towards him taking each step slowly and deliberately savoring the anticipation of what would come next. Her dress she wore specifically for him knowing that like all the other men in her realm he desired her. She stopped a few feet in front of him and ran her hands seductively along the fabric over her ample bosom. He chanced a look up at her and then returned to looking at the floor.
"Do you know why I have summoned you here, Blacksmith?" she asked.
"No, my Queen," he answered.
"I have learned that your work is a great benefit to the realm," she stated taking a step closer. "Thus far your efforts have remained largely unnoticed, but today I seek to remedy that."
"I am honored, my Queen, but I need no reward. I am a lowly servant and do that which is necessary."
"But I feel one is required," she responded taking another step closer. "You would not refuse a gift from your queen, would you?"
"Of course not," he answered. "I meant no disrespect, my Queen."
"And none was received," she replied. "Allow me to reward you as no other can do in all the world." She reached up behind her neck and released the clasp of her dress. The top fell to her waist leaving her naked from the waist up. She heard the man swallow hard and watched as he struggled not to gaze upon her. "Do you desire me, Blacksmith? Have you ever dreamed of lying with me? Bedding me?"
"M-m-my Q-q-queen..." he stammered as she reached forward and began unbuttoning his shirt. "I am but..."
"And I am your queen.  I have desires as much as anyone in the realm...and I desire you." She finished with the last button and pulled the shirt over his shoulders baring his strong upper body.  "My gift to you is also a gift to myself." She walked behind him and he kept his head bowed as she pulled the shirt off of him. Standing behind him, she leaned in close so that their skin touched. He shivered at the closeness which pleased her. "I want you to bed me, Blacksmith," she whispered into his ear as her hand reached around him and into his breeches. His member stiffened as she took it in her hand. "I want your cock inside me...I want to taste your seed."
"Take me," she purred. "Take me and fulfill your every fantasy...take me and indulge my fantasy." His stiffness told her he would not refuse. "Make this a night that neither of us will ever forget."
Unable to control himself or her urges, he turned around and swept her into his arms. As he carried her to the bed she leaned in and nuzzled his neck. They would make use of the entire room this night, she was certain of it, and no matter what the future would hold or what ugly man she would marry as required of her station, she would have this night to remember for the rest of her life. This one she would recall on all of those loveless and sexless nights during her future political marriage. As he laid her on the bed and pulled off her dress and then removed his breeches, she gazed upon his perfect body in anticipation. Tonight she was not a queen, but a woman with a man and nothing would stop the magic of this moment.



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