Age: 24
Nationality: Norwegian
Profession:  Model
Being an exhibitionist at heart, Kim worked in the fashion industry from the age of sixteen. When she turned eighteen she began modelling clothing that not only bared more skin, but also was more sheer or transparent showing parts of her body that she was proud of, but other models avoided for various reasons. Because of her adventurous nature, her popularity grew and opportunities arose from her willingness to exhibit her body which she kept in immaculate shape through ice skating. At the age of twenty she even attempted to try figure skating competitively as she loved the outfits the other women wore, but where she did possess the athleticism to compete it was the closeness of her male partners than thrilled her. Surprisingly, Kim was still a virgin at twenty despite her incredible sexiness…her work schedule seldom allowed her the time for a relationship. During a practice session with her partner, his hand slipped during one of the routines and for the first time Kim found herself aroused completely. The man apologized profusely, but she leaned in close asking him for more.  After that first time she craved sex to the point that she gave up her pursuit of a competitive skating career and returned to modelling. Much of the work she had for the next couple of years were in sports periodicals because of her physique and her experience as an ice skater…and she was more buxom than most in the sport. She loved being in front of the camera, but again her sexual desires remained unfulfilled because of the work schedule of her modelling. Last year I was searching for new talent at one of these modelling sessions when I met Kim. We had the chance to talk and she told me of her past work, and during that conversation she mentioned that she wished she could have that same experience of her first time. I told her what I do and offered her the chance to still be in front of the camera and also have the sexual experiences she desired. She eagerly accepted the offer and now she works for me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.  

Kim's Seduction


Samba in Rio

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