Age: 24
Nationality: Pole
Current Residence: Warsaw, Poland
Occupation: Flight Attendant and Model
While waiting for my flight home on a business trip, I stopped in the airport lounge to relax and unwind before the long overseas journey. I don’t normally look for new talent while sitting and waiting for a plane, but this trip proved to be the exception to the rule. I was about to take a pull from my drink when I spotted the most alluring beauty walk into the lounge wearing a flight attendant’s uniform and pulling a small carry-on sized bag on rollers.  Her luxurious raven hair fell to her shoulders framing an angelic face with eyes that sparkled like stars in a clear night sky. I placed my glass back down as I watched her take a seat at the other end of the bar. She crossed her shapely legs as she leaned forward to talk to the bartender while pulling slightly on the ends of her hair with the fingers of her left hand.  Now I normally try to find girls to work for my agency amongst professional models and actors, but as she smiled I thought to myself, “Mave…if ever there was a woman to make you change the way you conduct business and find new talent…there she is just sitting at the end of the bar.” I straightened my tie and smoothed my hair just working up the nerve to ask this woman to come work for me. If this had been any other negotiation my confidence would have been very high, but there was something about this woman that just eroded that confidence a little. I walked over and as I approached she turned to look at me with the warmest smile. I sat beside her and struck up a conversation. Her name was Josie, and turned out that as much as I had been watching her, she had been watching me. She was actually waiting for the same flight I was, and after breaking the ice we had a very nice and engaging conversation. Although she was normally shy, something I didn’t realize until she told me…probably my nervousness about approaching her…I learned that while she did enjoy her work and seeing the world, she was beginning to look for something more adventurous.  Apparently I was not the only one that been mesmerized by her beauty because she confessed that just the month prior she had been asked to pose for a magazine featuring flight attendants from around the world, and she had just finished her photo shoot the day before. I then told her what my business was and offered her a position with my company. I wanted her to come with me so badly that I told her she would have anything she wanted. She accepted with a giggle and a smile…and then we sealed the deal on the flight home as we joined the Mile High Club. I am very proud to introduce the newest member of my cadre of beauties, Josie.  My name is…Mave Cosmic. 

Sexy Sauna

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