Age: 27
Nationality: American
Profession: Model and Business Manager
Georgina hails from New York City. As a teenager she was known by her classmates as the cute nerdy girl who loved sci fi and fantasy.  She entered college doing the smart thing by studying marketing, but during her free time participated in cosplay creating several outfits and modeled her creations by entering competitions.  It was during one of these competitions she was discovered by a marketing agency looking for talent to promote a new video game, and after graduating she began working for the firm both as a marketing agent and sometimes as a model.  During one business trip she was searching for a model her firm could use for a campaign of the heroine for one of the video games they were promoting, and she met Mayu.  The two women became great friends, and when Mayu approached her to become business partners and begin a new company, Georgina readily agreed.  For the first couple of years she stayed behind the camera promoting their videos and managing the business, but the more she watched her friend’s performances, the more she desired to try her own scenes.  Remembering her love of cosplay, her first scene in front of the camera was an erotic version of Beauty and the Beast.  Since then she loves performing and especially in fantasy or sci fi roles.
Now the two women’s company has a lucrative business partner to help them make the movies and photo spreads they want.  That business partner is me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

Boat Trip

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