Age: 26
Nationality: French
Profession:  Film Producer and Model

Daughter of a film director and producer, Danielle grew up in Paris dreaming of a career in the family business.  She started by modeling at the age of sixteen working in Paris, Milan, and New York.  While in New York she fell in love with the city and the American film industry, and stayed in the states attending film and business schools.  To pay for her education she continued modeling and even had a short stint playing a nurse on an American daytime television show called a soap opera. One day on the set of this show, she met Riona and the two women became best friends.  After a year acting on the soap opera, the women decided to move to Hollywood to pursue larger acting careers.  Both women auditioned for a new program on a cable network which led to roles in that show for the two years it aired. Their roles required them to perform in erotic scenes, and both women found they enjoyed those more than any roles they had in the past, the thrill of intimacy in front of the camera being an aphrodisiac for Danielle and Riona.  During that time they decided to share an apartment which they still live in to this day sharing everything including their men. 
Danielle and Riona began working on writing, producing, directing, and starring in a new cable television show they hope to sell to one of the major networks, and this project propelled them into a partnership that led to the formation of a new production company. That’s where I come in and now they work for me. My name is…Mave Cosmic.

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