Age: 33
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Residence: London, UK

About three years ago I visited London seeking new business opportunities with Bowski Productions.  Unfortunately a merger was not possible, but while there I met a very beautiful secretary …Cathy.  A mutual attraction existed between us and we spent the night together after I concluded my business meetings with Bowski.  During dinner she told me about her childhood with her grandparents living in their manor north of the city. Her parents died in a car accident when she was very young, so she inherited a very conservative outlook while growing up. That changed, however, while she studied at university, and a wild side of her personality emerged which I experienced our first night together.  I’ve made sure to visit Cathy every time I returned to London as she is a dear friend and confidant. A month ago I received a very urgent call from her. Hearing the distress in her voice, I flew to London on the next available flight. Her grandparents passed away a year ago and she continued to live in their manor.  When I arrived she answered her door distraught.  At first it was hard to get her to talk without babbling, but after I managed to calm her nerves she revealed that recently she was the victim of a burglary.  Her captors kept her bound as they ransacked the office where she worked searching for corporate secrets.  Although she inherited quite a large some of monies and estates she continued to work because she liked the business, but this recent event left her feeling unsafe at the office. As you know I will do anything for a friend and especially for one as close to me as Cathy, so I offered her a position within my company.  With our recent expansions both Mayu and Georgina were constantly occupied with running the day to day operations of my company and set productions as well as acting in some of those.  As a result I found myself in need of a personal assistant so I offered the job to Cathy and she readily accepted.  In the past week she has even expressed interest in posing and acting for the some of the productions and with her beauty how could I refuse. My name is…Mave Cosmic.


Late Nights in the Museum


Fashion Model



  1. secretary? yeah sure...


  2. she's looks great with her hair down. :-)


  3. this is one the best sets of yours!! extremely erotic and tempting, astonishing balance
    she is incredibly beautiful and her skin is rendered perfectly!
    you improved a lot, keep up mave


    1. Hey John, thank you so much for your feedback, taking time and writing me a comment. Cathy is a very beautiful and sexy character. I like that set also very much. :-)

    2. my pleasure man!

    3. Have to say thank you for info for Cathy. :-)