Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish
Profession:  Fitness Trainer & Model
While on a business trip last year I met Kim. I chose a fitness spa one day and saw this heavenly beauty stretching out. I was intrigued by her flexibility, and she caught me staring at her. Fortunately for me she was my personal trainer for that day, and during the entire workout we flirted with each other. I asked her to dinner that night and she accepted. I thought I was seducing her, but in fact she seduced me. After our rather fantastic interlude, she confessed that not only was she a fitness coach and trainer, but she also worked as a body double in several movies. She had been a gymnast when she was younger, but as she grew older her body developed which didn’t fit with a competitive gymnast. She still enjoyed the fitness aspect of the sport and continued with it into a career. I was fascinated by her past and sexual prowess, and it was then that I told her what my business was. Instead of being turned off, she asked if she could work for me. She revealed to me that her fantasy was to explore her sexual desires in front of a camera. For the first time I found myself in the presence of pure raw talent, and I eagerly offered her a job to come work for me…something that usually works in the opposite fashion. Now she works for me. My name is…Mave Cosmic. 

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Fitness Trainer

Hot Teacher

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