Sunday, April 5, 2015

Emma - Sexy Jeans

I wish you all Happy Easter. Hope you all have time for enjoying the weekend with your family or friends. I have a nice surprise for some of you, who likes Emma. I had also some time for creating a new solo set with her. Please click on below mentioned pic. Today, I have also  started a new solo set with her .... the only thing I can say  ... Naughty School Girl. ;-) Hope I can upload that new one end of next week.


  1. Great set, Mave. I especially like pic 10...that is an awesome pose.


    1. I'm glad that you like that set. At the moment I have a lot of ideas for Emma in my head. Have already rendered the first 7 pics of Emma in her sexy scholl girl outfit. After that set, I will go back to Lara and will start working on her first adventure set. Have to choose the scene and her outfit. :-)